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Author: Steve Englehart
Genre: Screenplay-Suspense
Reviewed by Kevin Tipple

11110403In this recent release from Black Coat Script Library, the setting is the resort island of Majorca. But despite its setting, the universal themes of deceit and murder come through, as does the clash of cultures and beliefs.

None of that is on the mind of Rob and Jenny Kendall, Americans, married, mid 20's when they arrive in the capital city of Palma on the island of Majorca. They have been traveling abroad in Europe and their current destination on the island is the small village of Graciosa. Happily in love, they have spent five months traveling across Europe and now plan to spend the next five months on the island so that Rob can write his novel. As he puts it, "Everybody lies. I lie for a living." (Page 16)

Upon arrival, they settle into the cottage they are renting and soon their doorway is darkened by the presence of Maddox Johns. Something of a village celebrity, he is a poet as well as an alcoholic. Maddox, somewhat annoyed that the young couple has not read his works and really don't know anything about him, still decides to introduce them to his world. A world of strange parties thrown by Maddox for the fellow foreigners where the psychological tension between the characters runs deep with hints of violence and depravity. Soon, playing on Rob and Jenny's own psychological weaknesses, they are separately drawn into a world of adulterous sex, deceit, and murder where they can't even trust each other.

While eroticism and violence are strong elements of this screenplay, the atmosphere of the work is the primary cinematic element. Despite the beauty of the landscape around them there is a dark current of barely repressed violence in the work. The setup of that element would be crucial to the making of this picture and must convey the noir feel of the work. At the same time, the diverse and intriguing cast of characters would require some thought in casting so that the individuals selected could pull off the noir feel of the work. It could be done and done well and hopefully somebody in Hollywood is paying attention.


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